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"I slipped on some ice and hurt my lower back. I decided to try a chiropractor for the pain. Dr. Spees has got me walking again aftergoing to see him just a few times. I am also able to play with my grand kids again without pain. The hours are very convenient for the working person. You won't be sorry for visiting Dr. Spees' office."

-Marilyn, Saint Marys

"I have had off and on lower back pain. Dr. Spees' office is easy to get to and always makes time to fit you in for an appointment. With to call."

-Randy, Saint Marys

"I injured my neck and shoulder at work. Dr. Spees has been very helpful and has worked with my schedule for appointments. I can now lift and move around without pain. If you have pain go and see him, he can help!"

-Andrew, Saint Marys

"I had pain in my hips after a surgical procedure. Dr. Spees is very good and worked to well to correct my problem. I have had relief of pain in my hips and am able to move better without the pain."

-Terri, Saint Marys

"I had lower back pain and neck discomfort. Dr. Spees is very knowledgeable when it comes to helping people live healthier lives. After my pain was gone, I continued to come in on a maintenance basis to stay healthy. I am very active and without Dr. Spees' care I wouldn't be able to keep it that way."

-Matt, Saint Marys

Dr. Spees is now offering Dry Needling!

Dry needling is an effective treatment for muscular pain and trigger points.

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